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Latest General News Headlines

Hundreds of Scouts visit ISKCON Leicester for Interfaith Trail

Hundreds of Scouts visit ISKCON Leicester for Interfaith Trail thumbnail

Leicester Cathedral, a Mosque, a Gurudwara, a Jain Centre, and ISKCON Leicester were selected places of worship for the City’s annual Interfaith Trail. Over 600 scouts, led by parents and Scout leaders visited the ISKCON Centre on Saturday 15th November. The aim of the trail was for the Scouts to learn about different faiths and […]

Narendra Modi gets Gita as gift from US lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard

Narendra Modi gets Gita as gift from US lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard thumbnail

Influential lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard, the only Hindu member of the US Congress, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New York and presented her personal copy of Bhagavad Gita to him, saying it was a gesture to express her love for India. Tulsi Gabbard: Today I was very honored to have the opportunity to meet with […]

Open Vyasa-puja book 2014: pdf now online

Open Vyasa-puja book 2014: pdf now online thumbnail

The 2014 Srila Prabhupada Tributes book–”the open Vyasa-puja book”– is now available as a pdf file from The book should be available later this week in epub format. Physical books are on schedule for delivery soon, well in advance of Vyasa-puja. Why so far in advance? So that devotees can start reading the offerings […]

Inspiring day of communications for UK yatras

Inspiring day of communications for UK yatras thumbnail

Over thirty devotees from the UK and Ireland attended a special ISKCON National Communications Training Day at Bhaktivedanta Manor, Hertfordshire this week, where they learned more about how to work effectively with the media. Taking part in a series of innovative and interactive workshops, the group learned about why engaging with the media matters, what […]

New Temporary ISKCON Temple Opens in Moscow

New Temporary ISKCON Temple Opens in Moscow thumbnail

The Moscow Indian Cultural Center and Sri Sri Dayal-Nitai Sacisuta Temple has celebrated its opening and the Gaura Purnima festival on Sunday, March 16, 2014. 2,000 devotees from Moscow gathered for this joyful event. Gopal Krishna Goswami has cut a red ribbon. Bhakti Anugraha Janardana Swami also took part in the ceremony. The Deities received […]

Avanti House Secondary School

Avanti House Secondary School thumbnail

Avanti Schools Trust are delighted to announce that Harrow Borough Council’s cabinet have approved plans for Avanti House Secondary School to be built on Whitchurch Playing Fields, Stanmore. This long awaited decision follows just days after the completion of a feasibility study by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) who announced earlier in the week that […]

Hash Bash Harinam with 100.000 people! – Distributing The Higher Taste

Hash Bash Harinam with 100.000 people! – Distributing The Higher Taste thumbnail

On a morning walk in Denver 1972, Srila Prabhupada startled his disciples by likening the devotee, to a snake! It was 6:30 am, Prabhupada was out on his morning walk, and he was especially appreciating the park the devotees had taken him to, which was otherwise empty. ‘The mouse is digging a hole, and then […]

Harinama in Budapest, Hungary

Harinama in Budapest, Hungary thumbnail

My advice to you under the circumstances is that at least for one hour you must all go to have Sankirtana outside on the streets or in the park. That is your life and soul, first business. The next business is completing the chanting of 16 rounds every day. The next business is your editing, […]

Real Self or Iskcon Self

Real Self or Iskcon Self thumbnail

While serving institutional ISKCON it will sometimes happen that we lose our self-identity in there – we fail to be our real selves. When this happens, all sorts of self-problems arise and many more remain unresolved. What are they? We may know that ISKCON is “none-different” from Krishna or is likened to the body of […]

Harinama in Cape Town, South Africa

Harinama in Cape Town, South Africa thumbnail

Regarding your questions about Sankirtana Party, I think you should try to always have Sankirtana going on. All other things are subsidiary. This chanting is our life and soul, so we must arrange our program now so that there will be as much chanting on the streets and at college engagements as possible. On May […]

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Sabbatical Course 2018 thumbnail Sabbatical Course 2018

We have the next sabbatical course coming up this year which will start near the end of September 2018 and finish in May 2019. It’s a 6 month course which includes a 3 month segment in India, visiting the holy places and a 4 month segment in the UK studying the scriptures and taking part […]


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